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What PBX Phone System for Business Should You Use? The costs of running your front office can come down with a move to a PBX phone system. Your customer support staff can utilize the system to enhance their efficiency at lower costs. With a PBX phone system, communication between staff as well as with external stake holders is convenient and cheaper through email, video or voice calls. Prior to settling for any particular PBX system, first take a look at how communication is executed within your office. Consider if you’re office uses the current phone system predominantly to make outgoing calls to customers. That specific matter can help determine the kind of PBX phone you ought to get for your office. Here’s how to decide what PBX system is best for your office:
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An IP PBX office phone introduces advanced, integrated communication capabilities. It will require upfront investments, particularly if you’re hosting the system onsite, but the returns for that are up to 50% possible savings on average phone bills over time. Both small and medium-sized companies can make good use of an IP PBX phone, and when you have sufficient bandwidth to support multiple phone lines, this is the right equipment for your business. Keep in mind that an IP phone is suitable for video calls at substantially lower rates. An Off-Site PBX System There’s probably a lot that you have to handle if you’re a small company with limited resources and manpower. Fortunately, you can rely on a hosted or virtual PBX telephone system as these are maintained offsite. There’s less stress on your part with a hosted or virtual PBX, and although you’ll be paying a subscription fee every month, management and maintenance of the system are the responsibilities of your provider. With the cloud model, you don’t have to spend a lot on infrastructure to support your IP telephone. So, one burden has been lifted off your shoulder, and now you can focus on your core business competencies. PBX Capabilities Make sure you’ve investigated your business communication specifications to help identify the features that your PBX telephone should support. No matter if you’re a small or medium sized company, using an IP PBX telephone brings about benefits that boost the way you communicate, increasing productivity. If your business makes international calls frequently, you should select an IP PBX phone to take advantage of the long-distance call rates that are cheaper than those for traditional analog phones. Other aspects to anticipate in a PBX phone are call transfer, automated receptionist, and call waiting. Your business communication and productivity can go up drastically with the ideal PBX phone. You’ll find it easy to select the right PBX phone with the tips above.