Jim Tsokanos: Innovation In Entrepreneurship

When one goes online and follows a link to read about Jim Tsokanos, what unfolds is a portrait of a man who has had a long and very successful track record in the business world. That record began at age 13. Joseph Cory Holdings was the company founded by Mr. Tsokanos’ grandfather and it was from here that the first steps into a career in entrepreneurship began. Gaining more practical experience than any business school could provide, Tsokanos took those lessons and combined them with everything he would later learn in college. The result was a continuing chain of successes and innovations which ended up having transformative effects upon the ventures he became involved with.

Among the biggest challenges in Jim Tsokanos’ career was the reorganization and recapitalization of an entire healthcare network. Coordinated Health was at one time a fee-for-service hospital network. When Mr. Tsokanos was finished, Coordinated Health had been transformed into a thriving medical conglomerate based upon a care-and-value-based concept for delivering healthcare service.

In his four year management of the operation, Tsokanos was responsible for a team of over 100 physicians and 1200 healthcare professionals located in 17 different facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. During his tenure, Tsokanos accomplished Coordinated Health’s establishment of unmatched access, quality in providing care and services, vastly improved patient experience with the system, and vastly enhanced value. This last achievement derived from innovations in value-based pricing to deliver care and services for the lowest possible cost. Within four years, Coordinated Health was successfully rebranded with an integrated media campaign. It’s debt had been successfully refinanced, which put the conglomerate upon a healthy financial path. Also, Coordinated Health introduced innovations in the healthcare field such as employer-managed care, direct contracting with employers, and mobile access for patients to facilitate arranging for care services at any time.

Today, Jim Tsokanos is the CEO and founder of Nu Nexus. This company provides business consultancy for international corporations, directs investment in new technologies to improve business, and facilitates business growth through capital access, technology, and marketing. Beyond this, Mr. Tsokanos runs his own website and blog through which he communicates his business expertise to the public at large. The advice and insights available are an invaluable resource for executives, employees, managers and business students for improving their own methodologies and business philosophies to achieve greater success.