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Seven Basic Tips to get Success in Asian Market

The culture of Asian countries is very different from western culture and especially Latin America, which stands out for its joy and demonstrations of affection in public. Follow these cultural tips and achieve success in trade negotiations with these countries.

Below are the cultural councils that must be taken into account to achieve success in trade negotiations with these countries.

  1. Be punctual:

Latinos tend to estimate a delay time. Asians stand out for their punctuality. Being on time is a sign of respect.

  1. Greet adequately:

Never greet with a kiss or hug, keep an adequate distance, hand firmly, without squeezing or shaking. If your interlocutor bows his head, imitate him and smile a little as a sign of kindness.

  1. Take care of body language:

Moderate your gestures when talking, if you have doubts or do not understand, avoid gestures completely. Never speak with your hands in your pockets, it is considered disrespectful. When passing an object, do not do it with your left hand, because it is considered “dirty” in some cultures.

  1. Written communication:

Eliminate the word “ok” completely from your vocabulary. Be very corporate and cordial in emails. Do not be afraid to write a lot, short messages are considered discourteous and informal, try to write long. When a meeting ends, write a letter or email in appreciation remembering the points discussed and the agreements reached.

  1. To deliver your business card:

Always present and receive the cards with both hands, as a sign of respect and gratitude. Never store it immediately, or the back pocket. Instead, take a moment to read it and show interest.

  1. Dinner and ceremonies:

It is important that you always imitate your interlocutor without you noticing. Thank for the restaurant, for the invitation and for the food to the one who invited him and to God. When ordering, ask about the typical dishes. Asians often invite you to try foods that might be unappetizing as a sign of honor, never refuse to do so, give it a try. Take off your shoes if you see others doing it.

  1. Present for the guests:

Be very careful in choosing the gifts you will bring to your Asian guests. Ranks are very important, so it is not advisable to bring the same gift for everyone, choose one for each guest according to their level in the organization.

All these are the basic things which you need to maintain if you have small business ideas for Asian market. This will definitely show you the path of success.

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